Find out how well positioned your organisation is to adapt to the ageing of the workforce.
Become an age friendly employer of choice.

The AGEING WORKFORCE REVIEW Tool reviews your current readiness in six areas. Workforce Planning, Human Resource Policies and Practices, Knowledge Continuity, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Productivity and Engagement and Inclusive Culture. By answering 18 simple questions across the six areas you'll receive a tailored report packed full of information, suggestions about what you can do and links to resources.

Why do the Review?
  • Assess your preparedness for one of the biggest workforce challenges that is unfolding
  • Understand your risks and take action to manage these
  • Access recommendations and resources
  • Become an age friendly employer of choice.
Who is it for?

The AGEING WORKFORCE REVIEW tool has been developed for employers of all sizes and industry types.

How much does it cost and what do I get?
The review tool is FREE. Answer the 18 questions and you'll receive a 15 page tailored report based on your responses.
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