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Staying On Program

Staying On® is an innovative award winning organisational development program designed to help organisations and their people adapt to the ageing of the workforce. It takes a life stage approach and is equally applicable to small, medium or large organisations.

It is a strategic whole of organisation approach aimed at creating an engaged and age friendly culture. The program addresses in an integrated manner the major challenges that many organisations face;

  • Workforce planning in a context of a changing labour market demographic
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Employee engagement and productivity
  • People risk management
  • Knowledge and skills retention and transfer
  • Health, wellbeing and safety.
Staying On® has four themes; Staying Engaged, Staying Healthy, Staying Safe and Staying Connected. The core message to staff is,

“We want you to stay on, but we want you to be engaged and contributing to the organisation, we want you to be healthy, we want you to be safe and if you do move on we want to stay connected with you.”

The Staying On Framework

“Staying On is positive, it addresses real business risks and imperatives. It ticks all my boxes.” Senior Executive

Staying On provides a framework for employee engagement, career and transition planning and for discussing issues of productivity and contribution.

Staying On means staying healthy. The link between employee wellbeing, productivity and engagement is now well established.

Workplace health and safety is a significant responsibility for employers and employees. Integrate your existing safety program and policies.

When your people move on it doesn’t mean that they and you can’t stay connected. Established an ex employee alumni program and retain them as your ambassadors.

Benefits For The Employer

  1. Slow the loss of skilled and experienced staff
  2. Retain staff with the skills, knowledge and experience you require
  3. Retain of organisational, professional and community knowledge
  4. Re-engage staff who have become disengaged or ambivalent
  5. Build a healthier workforce with improved productivity
  6. Become an age friendly employer of choice with enlightened polices
  7. Reduced costs in recruitment and induction
  8. More flexible job structuring and innovation

Benefits For The Employee

  1. Staff can continue to do meaningful work and contribute beyond what they may have contemplated
  2. Opportunities for employees to rethink and adjust their careers at different life stages
  3. Staying On Conversations that enable employees to plan their futures
  4. If employees experience a crisis point in their career or disengage, the opportunity to think about what might be needed to re-engage
  5. Flexibility becomes a possibility rather than a dream or a tipping point to leave
  6. Better able to balance competing life stage demands
  7. Potentially healthier lifestyles and enhanced vitality
  8. When people do move on they can stay connected with colleagues and with an employer who has been an important part of their lives.

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The Staying On program can be licenced to qualifying organisations.

Contact us to learn more about the Staying On program and what it would mean to introduce it within your organisation.